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I've registered, what now?

You will have received a confirmation email acknowledging your entry into the event.  All other communications will be sent by email so please make sure we have a correct email address for you.   Any race info, latest news etc will also be displayed on the race pages.

Do I need to wear a wetsuit?

We always strongly advised the use of wetsuits for safety reasons. However, swimmers will have the option to wear a wetsuit or not. 

What are your rules regarding water temperature?

We dont have any!!  If you are brave enough to swim without a wetsuit in Ireland thats your choice. We do however recommend them if are new to open water. 

I've never swam in open water before; can I enter an Open Water Swimmer event?

Of course, this series of events was created to provide a platform for any ability of swimmer to take to the open water. Several distances and environments are available in some of the Irelands most stunning water ways. Most people swimming this year will be taking to the open water for the first time, so don’t worry you won’t be alone…

How old do I have to be?

13 years old on the day of the event.  HOWEVER we would ask anyone between 13 and 17 to contact us as we may require you to bring your own COMPETENT kayaker that will accompany them for the swim

Is the water clean?

Each stretch of water at our venues is tested by the local county councils Environment Agency. The tests cover the microbiological quality of the water; regular samples are taken to show up any water borne nastys such as Weils Disease and Blue Green Algae that might affect the safety of our swimmers.

What happens if I get tired, cold, or I’m struggling in the water and need assistance?

At all our events we stick to water safety norms;

Safety kayaks at regular intervals,
Powerboat assistance,
Ample and Experienced medical cover on standby,
Ability to track swimmers movements in and out of the water,
Strict rules on water temperature and wet suit use.

This means you’re never out of sight and our rescue team will be on hand to assist should the need arise.

What happens if the swim is cancelled?

While we have done our up most to choose locations and venues to prevent the issue that often cause postponement or cancellation in open water swimming events, the very nature of open water swimming does mean cancellation may ensue due to unforeseen weather or unsuitable water conditions. In such cases we will firstly look to postpone the event to another date. If such a situation arises we will contact you directly by email in the days leading up to the event, please make sure your email address is correct at the time of entry. Public announcements will also be made on the website, Facebook and via the media (local and national newspapers and local radio).

I’ve entered a swim but I can’t do it now, can I have a refund? Or can my friend take my place?

We do not offer transfers between people, this is for the safety of the participant. The swimmer who entered online must register in person prior to their swim wave taking place, our team will perform an ID check, if the ID check fails then you will not be able to swim.

What lies beneath?

Ireland may have cooler water but we also have nothing that's 'going to get you'  - a fair trade we think.  Plus being in the wild is what it is all about.

When does online registration close?

All online registrations close at midsay on the Thursday before the event or sooner if the event sells out.  But if you want a t-shirt and goodie bag you must register at least seven days before the event

What do I have to do to get the free goodie bag?

Every swimmer is entitled to a free goodie bag but in order to avail of this you must register at least seven days before the event.

Where do I find the swim on the day?

All our events are run from the lake shore, find the water and you'll find

 In Glendalough – we are shore side at the main viewing beach on the upper

 In Lough Key – we run from the slip way located on the right hand side of
the main car park at the Lough Key Forest Park

In Hodson Bay - we run from right in front of the Hodson Bay Hotel and just past the marina.

How do I get my race number on the day?

We work from the name you submitted online, so once you've registered
that's all we need to assign your race number and goodie bag on the day of the event. All this will happen from a registration tent beside
the shore. Registration has a time window, but you're not the only person
planning on leaving it until the last five minutes! So be warned, arrive
'just in time' like everyone else and you'll be under pressure to make the
start line, and that's not the best way to prepare for a swim.

Can I bring a friend to kayak \ SUP with me?

Some people like to bring a friend to support them from a kayak, be it
with drinks or moral support. And we have no problem with that, please come

But the kayakers need to be competent. Our safety teams are there to
provide cover for swimmers not people falling out of kayaks. Please don't
endanger swimmers by distracting our safety team from them – kayakers know
your limits!

All kayakers must have buoyancy aids and sea worthy boats. All Kayakers
need to make themselves known to the safety officer in the speed boat prior
to the race start.

All Kayakers will be seen by swimmers as a safe haven, so if a swimmer
signals you, you must provide them a floating support (even if that means
your friend swims on without you).

What is the story with the early bird deals?

There are extensive sliding early bird deals in place for all our swims. In
fact if you were to book all four events with the early bird's greatest
discount you would be getting a whole swim for free. You can see the cut
off dates and prices on the home page

Can I swim both distances on the day for one entry?

That depends on which event you are coming to. In all BUT Glendalough you
can swim both the 750m and 1.5km for the one entry. In fact we encourage it
and most swimmers will do both. There is a hour between the two swims so
plenty of time to recover for the second race.

And why not in Glendalough? We have very strict maximum numbers in
Glendalough and the swims actually fill, so in order not to disappoint
anyone we have to keep people to one entry one event.

The great 3.9km v 3.8km debate

An iron distance is named for the original Ironman branded event in Hawaii.
The first swim was in Waikiki bay as part of the Waikiki rough water swim
and that swim, from get in point to get out, was 2.6miles. So by pure
chance the distance used was 2.6miles. 2.6miles is 3.86km. Rounded up in
Hawaii to the 3.9km course now swam in the modern Kailua-Kona. We set a
Hawaiian 3.9km course

Why the water serpent logo?

Many Irish waterways (and all of our swim locations) have mystical tales of serpents and water dragons dwellings deep in the water.......

Swim Series Championship - how it works?

Open Water Swimmer Ireland Swim Series Champion
Overall Swim Series points system -
Each year the person with the accumulated best results will be awarded the title of Swim Series Champion. 
How it works -
Points are allocated to each swimmer from each swim - all distances and all events.  In Lough Key and Hodson Bay swimmer can swim both events for the one entry. In Glendalough each swim distance must be entered separately.
Maximum points of 200 for a win.

Points for each place after first is calculated by the amount of swimmers in each event. The amount of entries is divided into the 200 and the answer then subtracted from the total for the points earned.
The principle being that you are always giving maximum points for a win and then you are rewarded more points if you have beaten more entries.
Example 1 - 200 \ 20 (swimmers) = 10. 200 – 10 = 190 for 2nd place. 200 – 40 = 160 for 4th  place etc.
Example 2 – 200 \ 135 (swimmers) = 1.48. 200 – 1.48 = 198.52 for 2nd
 place. 200 - 5.92 = 194.08 for 4th place etc.
Example 3 – 200 \ 43 (swimmers) = 4.6. 200 – 4.6 = 195.5 for 2nd place. 200 – 18.4 = 181.60 for 4th place.
Maximum points over all locations is - 1400 points (if all events run)
That is 200 per every 750m and 1.5km in three lakes and 200 for the 3.9km in Glendalough.
The league leader at each event will be swimming in a different colour cap than everyone else.
The over all winner will be awarded their prize and title on the Sunday in Glendalough.
Good luck all. 

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